A86 Coin — New age of NFT on Blockchain platform — Empowerment for art lovers and enthusiasts.

  • Smart contract functionality & compatibility with the Binance Smart Chain Virtual Machine (EVM)
  • Transactions are faster and more convenient
  • Discover more about the market environment and extensive NFT artwork
  • A86 token implemented and available as BEP20 token on Binance
  • Building A86 multi-ecosystem platform, establishing Art Tech 86 company in US
  • Build social media and media channels.
  • Officially open for sale and launch the A86 platform globally through Seed Round, Private Sale, Presale and Public Sale.
  • Cooperating with prestigious auditing units Certik, CTDsec, Techrate…
  • Listing A86 on PancakeSwap and two international DEXs.
  • Developing A86 on CEX/DEX/Swap/Farm/Staking.
  • Officially launching the online buying and selling page, auctioning art products and services with NFT technology on the Defi platform of A86.
  • Developing MarketPlace to buy, sell and develop NFTs in the form of artificial intelligence — users can create their own AI and NFT products through the A86 platform.
  • Launching Android and IOS App platforms of A86.
  • List A86 on major international P2P exchanges
  • Research and optimize technology on virtual reality games with artificial intelligence, reverse auction games, treasure search games.
  • Optimizing the rights of artists through patent protection, helping to bring art products and services online globally, and be recognized by the world.
  • Set up representative offices in multi-country.
  • Focus on developing charity funds and funds for global art and artificial intelligence technology research through auction and patent rights.
  • Bringing A86 intellectual and artistic auction games and Community games to major distribution platforms such as Egame, Xbox, Playstation.
  • Develop more study promotion funds, support people who are passionate about technology and science to be able to study and develop methodically.
  • Organize art and technology exhibitions around the world.



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Art Tech 86

Art Tech 86


A86 Token is the governance coin for the ART Tech ecosystem and will follow the BEP20 standard. The total supply will be fixed at 100,000,000 A86.