Decoding the “Craze” of NFT. A86 — A New Direction for the Blockchain-Incorporated Entertainment Industry.

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5 min readDec 7, 2021

In a word, NFT is an entry on a blockchain — the decentralized digital ledger technology that underpins digital currencies like bitcoin. The difference between the two is that bitcoins are fungible, meaning that one bitcoin is essentially indistinguishable from another and they are equivalent in value.

What is NFT? Will the NFT “craze” last?

Meanwhile, NFT is an irreplaceable and completely different chain of tokens across blockchains. So the NFT can represent something “one-of-a-kind”, like an extremely rare photograph or even a painting. Because NFTs are unique and stored on the blockchain, their authenticity is indisputable. That is especially important when the assets represented by the NFT are stored in the digital space.

Although it has only recently gained attention, the NFT market has rapidly expanded. Three years ago, the entire NFT market was valued at no more than $42 million. By the end of 2020, the latest estimate from market tracking site NFT, the above figure has increased sharply to 338 million USD.

While exact estimates are not available at this time, the size of the NFT market has certainly grown even further considering the prices of NFTs sold in the first two months of 2021: As of February, there were close to 150,000 NFTs. was sold for a total value of about 310 million USD. This is almost 5 times the amount sold in the whole of 2020

This shows that the potential of the NFT market is extremely large and will tend to become the largest money-making channel of electronic investors. Not only that, when people’s social living standards are increasing, the entertainment demand is indispensable, understanding the psychology of investors, ART TECH launches the A86 COIN ecosystem, which is a blockchain- based distribution platform for NFT artworks. Combining the investment of cryptocurrencies with modern intellectual entertainment and more especially a form of empowerment for investors — our art creators.

Capture the market — the most popular NFT trends today

“Bright spot” named NFT game

The two-year Covid-19 pandemic and the advent of digital asset investment trends have made them labeled as “pandemic money”.

Besides the NFT genres being traded today, there is a new trend that is the booming NFT application crypto game. The market value of these types of NFT games is already $13 billion (figures as of September 11, 2021). The reason why NFT games are popular is because of their convenience, ease of play, easy buying and selling, and making profits…

A series of Play — to — earn games were released and marked the outstanding development such as Axie Infinity, My Crypto Heroes, Decentraland, Sandbox…

ART Tech agrees with the pioneering developers and launches a set of NFT Mind Games that include:

+ Chinese Chess

+ Chess

+ Checkered flags

Gamers freely open rooms to fight with each other in the spirit of entertainment and exchange of friends. Friendly matches are completely free.

In addition to playing for fun, increasing intelligen, after each game gamers will get treasure and organize quarterly tournaments with attractive rewards

Art Blocks — Million-dollar art production in the context of “exploding” NFT

Art Blocks is a composite art collection that includes a wide range of different works by different artists — some are flat images or interactive 3D works — but they are all united by one same origin story: every final, unique image is created by the blockchain.

Recently, the activity of the NFT market is being revived strongly with the explosion of many projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and even the cryptocurrency game Axie Infinity.

However, amidst all that hype, Art Blocks — a collection of NFTs aggregated on Ethereum has been “silently” working and making a mark. Specifically, the project recorded a transaction volume of USD 294 million in August only. This is an impressive number in the history of selling NFTs so far.

Along with the launch of the trio of games, A86 also launched NFT products to create a playground for our True Gamers — Art Creators to exchange through auctions on the A86 Marketplace with free and available designs created by our own creative designers. Consists of:




Become a member of the “Royal NFT” clubs

Wake up the market by organizations and clubs from various fields around the globe such as sports, art, cryptocurrency, media, technology… Investors can join and become members of prestigious and international NFT clubs. Here, each investor will be able to exchange connections and make a profit.

In addition, NFT or cryptocurrency projects are also closely linked with top famous Clubs to build their own brands and strong communities.

NFT Exchange — Blockchain market volatility

The keyword digital currency, cryptocurrencies is increasingly popular, Blockchain technology is gradually being applied in many different areas in the social life of the “Big Guys” making the mayor hotter and hotter transactions, and the NFT is no exception. Leading to a lot of exchanges appearing and showing signs of constant growth.

NFTs are virtually impossible to buy on centralized exchanges like Binance or decentralized like Uniswap. NFTs are auctioned and traded on exchanges built specifically for them. NFTs exchanges also have the same features as other exchanges such as being able to store, display, trade and even create NFTs. Along with the increasingly widespread popularity of “Wave” NFTs, Decentralized projects and exchanges have increased continuously in the past period. This proves that NFT has been, is and will continue to be a “craze” in the near future.

ART TECH also creates a diverse playground that combines entertainment and art to create value for investors — artists. In addition, in A86 users can also exchange their works and products through the form of auction on the A86 market. Thereby helping users identify the value of their work and continue to create and at the same time help the ecosystem circulate strongly on today’s most prestigious exchanges.

A86 is biased with a vision to keep up with market trends, precisely NFT and the entertainment industry in the near future. We always want to bring not only material but also spiritual value to investors — artists.

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A86 Token is the governance coin for the ART Tech ecosystem and will follow the BEP20 standard. The total supply will be fixed at 100,000,000 A86.