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  1. Introduction

The Art Tech 86 community had the first opportunity to meet the Art Tech 86 project representative — Mr. Zabi Vincent. Through the AMA (Ask Me Anything) program, Art Tech 86 community members were provided with information about the upcoming AirDrop program, its core team and ecosystem.

The first AMA Art Tech 86 program was organized by the project team at the Telegram platform “”, this AMA program has created an opportunity for project community members to meet the project representative to exchange and answer questions about information as well as update the most accurate information from the project

Project representative: Mr.Zabi Vincent.

Telegram Group:

Time: 2:00 AM (UTC -7) December 8, 2021.

Total reward: $100 for 10 excellent questioners selected by the Art Tech 86 team and Mr. Zabi Vincent.

AMA Topic: AirDrop Program (

Art Tech 86’s AMA program summary

Introduction: Project Representative — Mr. Zabi Vincent interacted with Admin Art Tech 86 and community members.

Main content of the program: Mr. Zabi Vincent answered 10 questions excellently selected

End: End the AMA program and promise to meet the Art Tech 86 community again in the next programs.

  1. AMA program summary

Introduction: Project Representative — Mr. Zabi Vincent interacted with Admin Art Tech 86 and community members.

Admin: Welcome all Art Tech 86 community who are participating in the AMA (ASK ME ANYTHING) program organized by the Art Tech 86 team.

This is our first AMA program.

If there are any mistakes, members of the community will forgive our team

Admin: And now, welcome Mr.Zabi Vincent, now Mr. Zabi Vincent is holding the position of media representative for the entire project. With this AMA program, the community of Art Tech 86 will be provided with the most accurate information from the representative of the project.

And this is the time that we will welcome Mr. Zabi Vincent.

Mr. Zabi Vincent

Hello to all members of the Art Tech 86 community and team

I am truly honored to be present at the first AMA today to share information that the community is wondering about but has not yet received satisfactory answers.

This is the time to answer those questions.

Admin: Thank you for the information you have shared recently

Before starting the program, I would like to disseminate information about the program as well as the participation process to the community to avoid incidents that affect everyone’s experience.

Step 1: Ask a question directly at this Telegram Group or send a question to the project’s Twitter channel VIA: (LINK)

Step 2: Art Tech 86 team will choose 5 excellent questions from the project’s Twitter channel and 5 questions will be selected by Mr.Zabi Vincent himself from this Telegram Group.

Step 3: The members with the best answer selected will have their questions answered by MR.Zabi Vincent and become the winner to receive rewards from the program.

Step 4: Follow up on continuously updated information from the project’s social networking platforms to be able to receive rewards

Mr. Zabi Vincent

I would like to thank the Admin who announced the program rules. I hope that 100% of the participants understood how to participate in the program.

I’m really looking forward to answering the community’s questions

Let’s start the program right now.

Admin: I would like to be informed


Participants please send questions about the social networking platforms announced above

I’ll wait about 5 minutes so everyone can submit questions as well as me and MR.Zabi Vincent have enough time to select excellent questions to answer.

Main content of the program: Mr. Zabi Vincent answers 10 excellent questions selected


Please allow me to submit the first question for MR.Zabi Vincent to answer

Question 1: I know about the upcoming AirDrop program, what is the total reward pool for this program?

Mr. Zabi Vincent:Thank you Admin for choosing this question for me

Please allow me to provide the following information about the AirDrop program

The AirDrop program will have a total reward pool of up to $65,000. In addition, the number of winners will be up to 5,200 participants. The percentage of winners is very high, so I encourage everyone to join the upcoming AirDrop program.

Admin: Thank you for the information you just provided

Next is question number 2

Question 2: Which programs or events do I hope to win, if I participate, what is the probability that I will win?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: This is a pretty good question

Participating in any program, participants want to be winners. Understanding that, we created a program with rewards for 5200 winners

In particular, the winner will be chosen by us at random and not based on any other results or factors. So, the probability that the participant wins the rewards is the same.

Admin: It’s great, with the recent information, the community of participants in the AirDrop program has an equal “square one” without worrying about other problems.

Next is question number 3

Question 3: Could you keep a secret about the missions we have to do in the upcoming AirDrop program?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: With this question, I am happy to answer

The AirDrop program will ask participants to do simple sequences of missions such as

1. Join and follow the project’s social media platforms

2. Link your BEP-20 e-wallet

3. And other simple quests

When the program starts, everyone can check and follow the requirements to have a chance to become a winner.

Admin: Wow! To become a winner through such the simple missions, I want to participate myself

And next is question number 4

Question 4: What will the organization of the AirDrop program bring to the Arttech 86 community and the community of participants?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: For traditional projects, it is necessary to spend some money to participate in programs and events, for the Art Tech 86 project, participating in the AirDrop program and awarding rewards to participants is completely FREE.

There will not be any costs that participants pay to participate in the program. If any individual is spreading the information about paying to join our program they are all fake and scammers.

Admin: Members who intend to join our AirDrop program, please note the above information.

Next is the final question that the Art Tech 86 team chose

Question 5: I am a newbie in NFT DeFi market, I want to know what the Art Tech 86 ecosystem will include?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: This is a good question

Art Tech 86 is the first platform to combine Blockchain technology with art. At this project, we have platforms around the Art Tech 86 ecosystem including

  • Voting Platform: this platform allows users to collectively decide on group ownership auctions
  • Digital signature: This will make the owner’s NFT item “unique”
  • NFT games and NFT products: both entertainment and income development are only available in the Art Tech 86 ecosystem
  • Exchange for buying and selling works of art

We hope this information will help you make the right investment strategies with us

Admin: Thank you for your recent reply

Next are the remaining 5 questions selected from MR.Zabi Vincent

Question 6: As an investor, I carefully research when participating in a project. Could you please provide information about the potential of the project so that I can participate in the project?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: The potential information of the project is clearly shown in the following information

  • A86 Token will increase in value from $0.1 to $0.2 within a short time
  • The value of A86 Token will continue to increase strongly when in the second quarter of 2022, this Token will be listed on major exchanges such as PancakeSwap and 2 other famous international DEX exchanges.
  • In addition, the Art Tech 86 project continues to develop when launching a series of new functions such as MarketPlace, an online auction trading platform, game applications for Android and iOS.

With the above information, I firmly believe that you will become a smart investor when accompanying us

Admin: What impressive information

Next is question number 7

Question 7: If I am the luckiest person to win the program, what is the total money I can receive?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: After careful calculation, the participant will have the opportunity to receive a reward of up to $ 1,000 if you are lucky enough to be in the Top 1 excellent participants of the program.

Being the best is not easy because there are many people who also want to be in this position. So I can only wish you luck and do your best for AirDrop for this time

Admin: And next is question number 8

Question 8: I would like to inquire about the DEV team, because this factor is also an important factor for the development of the project.

Mr. Zabi Vincent: Team Dev is the key factor to help the project succeed or fail

With this question, I would like to share 3 members holding important positions that have a great influence on the entire project

The first is Mr. Neidy Gonzalez, he is the founder of the Art Tech 86 platform and also the director of business operations in the US. He has 22 years of experience in business administration and 8 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency. In particular, he is also developing 2 more DEX exchanges in the UK and the US

The second is Mr. Johnny Kamd is the co-founder of the project with Mr.Neidy Gonzalez and concurrently holds the position of marketing director for this project in the US. He has more than 12 years of experience in Marketing and is currently managing and developing the Cypro community in the US with more than 220,000 members and the MMO community in California with more than 60,000 members.

Third is Mr. Henry, he is one of the three co-founders of the project and holds the position of financial director for the project in the US. Besides, he also assumes the main responsibility of blockchain engineering for Diamond NFT Digital Art Joint Stock Company in the US.

Next is Mrs. Diva, with over 3 years of experience in the field of art, training and event management. Mr.s Diva is holding the position of PR Manager with the main task of managing the community with the collaboration of more than 100,000 KOLs and influential individuals around the world.

At number 5 is Mrs. Mia Kimble, with over 12 years of experience in investment fund management in the US and over 3 years of experience in finance and cryptocurrency. That’s why she is holding the position of project co-founder and information technology director

Next is Mr. Victor Nguyen, he is currently the chairman of Diamond NFT digital art joint stock company along with a series of other positions in many other companies such as CEO of YouTube’s media company and Director of Long An event company. Nguyen. With more than 10 years in the field of art and 5 years in the field of international financial investment, this is the perfect suitable project for him to operate and develop.

The 7th is the project consultant, Mrs. Bao Ngoc Nguyen is currently holding the main role as an advisor for the Art Tech 86 project. Besides, she is also the president and CEO of VoiConMomcare system and a number of other companies.

The 8th is Mr. Richard, is currently the CMO and Co-Founder of Diamond NFT digital art joint stock company and has more than 12 years of experience in the field of investment and multi-disciplinary corporate business administration. With its leadership talent, it is certain that the project will win the hearts of the community in the near future.

Finally, Mr. Phat Ngoc Duong, with more than 40 years of experience in the field of research and investment in developing the multinational market in import and export, real estate and securities. With the above information, Mr. Phat Ngoc Duong deserves to be a development partner to help the project develop more and more in the near future

Admin: Thank you for the valuable information you just provided

Next is question number 9

Question 9: Will winning the AMA show be based on the skill of the participants or simply by luck?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: With the AirDrop program, if you want to win at the Top 1, you must balance both skills and luck.

Firstly, use your skills to invite others to join the program with Referral Link

Secondly, do the missions and wait for the luck to appear

Just reconcile 2 things, you will definitely receive a reward of more than $1,000

Admin: This award is an impressive number

And next is the last question of today’s AMA show

Question 10: Is this AirDrop program a starting point for future series of programs and events?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: As you said, the AirDrop program is just the beginning of the series of events that will appear.

We also have AMAs like today that will be held regularly. Besides, Art Tech 86 team is preparing to launch other programs and events such as Seed round, Private Sale.

Follow our social media channels to get the latest news.

End: End the AMA program and promise to meet the Art Tech 86 community again in the next programs.

Admin: On behalf of the entire Art Tech 86 community, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for today’s AMA program.

Wondering how do you feel today when we have found 10 excellent questions and answered them to the community?

Mr. Zabi Vincent: My current feelings are very happy to receive so much love from the community for the project. Besides, I was thinking that I need to do more AMA programs in the future because this is a newly launched project, there may be a lot of members who still don’t fully understand the project.

In response to everyone’s love, the AMA program will still be held in the future. This not only answers the community’s questions but also helps them increase their free income.

Admin: Thank you for your sharing.

Thank you for being at the AMA today


The 10 members with the best questions will be saved and announced on the project’s social media platforms.

Art Tech 86 team will award everyone exactly as announced time

Please continue to support Art Tech 86 because that is the motivation for us to continue to develop the project better and bring the best experiences to the Art Tech86 community.

Once again, thank you to everyone who attended the AMA today

Mr. Zabi Vincent: Goodbye and see you all at the next AMAs

  1. Overall

Realizing that the Art Tech 86 community still has many questions about this project, the project team decided to hold this AMA regularly to help people better understand the project as well as being provided with accurate and reputable information from the representative.

Sincere thanks to all the members who participated in the AMA program as well as gave your love to our project during the past time.

Let’s follow the project’s social channels to update the latest information about the project and events

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Telegram International:

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Art Tech 86

A86 Token is the governance coin for the ART Tech ecosystem and will follow the BEP20 standard. The total supply will be fixed at 100,000,000 A86.